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Helpful Links

Other guides/toolkits

How to Build Audiences by Engaging Your Community by Mónica Guzmán, published by the American Press Institute (An essential read.)

The Online Harassment Field Manual from PEN America – for journalists, writers, and editors/employers.

A guide to building strong, more equitable community relationships from Free Press (An essential read for all newsroom work.)

City Bureau’s Community Guidelines, developed with their community, set a high watermark on how to create non-extractive relationships, and also keep the guidelines flexible through open annotation.

How to hold an effective in-person gathering from the Rockefeller Foundation. An excellent comprehensive guidebook to how to manage events.

The News is Served – A Practical Framework for Newsrooms on dealing with Niche Communities by Kelsey Proud

Local Lab’s guides to running events, newsletters, and focus groups

The Listening Post Collective’s Engagement Playbook

Nonprofit Newsroom Engagement Case Studies from the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN)

Creating an Engaged Newsroom: A Toolkit by The Free Press (A really useful guide to community strategy and face-to-face interactions)

Tow Center for Digital Journalism’s Guide to Crowdsourcing (Especially helpful if you have specific tasks / information you need from your audience)

Committee to Protect Journalists advice on dealing with trolls and online abuse

Relevant articles to read and share

25 useful links about audience engagement by Julia Haslanger (A few years old but filled with interesting examples)

What Big Media Can Learn from Non-profits by Sam Ford (A piece about how engagement is the key to restoring trust in journalism)

Pathways to Engagement: Understanding How Newsrooms Work With Communities by Angelica Das, commissioned by The Democracy Fund (This report is filled with great examples of newsroom engagement)

Communities of Practice: Lessons from the Journalism Field by Angelica Das, commissioned by The Democracy Fund (This report covers many of the existing groups and events in the field in the United States)

Building Journalism With Community, Not For It by Josh Stearns, a framework to how and why to share your process with the people you serve.

Engage authentically from Trusting News (A series of links and articles about engagement as a way to increase trust in journalism. They also have useful worksheets)

Psychological Sense of Community: Theory of McMillan & Chavis (1986) – a summary of the four elements of safe community, according to a seminal academic paper.

Commercial Content Moderation: Digital Laborer’s Dirty Work (2016) by Sarah Roberts outlines some of the complexities and labor issues around content moderation of social media content, especially around issues of race and homophobia.

Psychology of community members from Feverbee, a useful framework to understand why people join, and why they might stick around (or not).

Against ‘Don’t Read the Comments’ – Anil Dash makes the case for moderation, not silence.

Annotated bibliography of Engaged Journalism resources compiled by Andrea Wenzel and Jacob Nelson.

Other organizations in the field

The Agora Journalism Center. (Their engagement platform, Gather, is launching soon)

The Engaging News Project at the University of Texas-Austin. (They conduct engagement-related research with newsrooms around the United States)

The Membership Puzzle. (They are publishing research and case studies around successful membership programs in journalism)

Journalism that Matters. (They convene events around journalism and communities)

The Local Lab. (They conduct reporting and engagement experiments with local journalism, and have an excellent newsletter)

Engagement Hub. (Seems to be dormant, but there are some useful articles on its blog)

Non-newsroom community management resources

Community consultants Feverbee have several resources on their website, aimed at large brands. Not all the advice is applicable, but a lot of it is.

How to develop Superusers

How to calculate the value of communities to your brand

The lifecycle of successful communities

A huge list of resources around building your community

Interesting studies

An unformatted list of academic papers about comments and community practice compiled in our old forum

A report on Countering Female Abuse of Journalists from the Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

WAN-IFRA 2016 Global Report on Online Commenting on news sites

WAN-IFRA 2013 report on comment moderation best practices

DEMOS report on misogyny on Twitter

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