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[image] A screengrab of The Coral Comments Lab. The text at the top reads Coral Comments Lab, and there are instructions and a row of buttons displayed on the side.

Coral Comments Lab

As we prepared to build our Talk platform, we wanted to find a way to share our research on different comment platforms, and to let users navigate some of the different options for themselves.

And so we built the Coral Comments Lab, an interactive site that lets you navigate different features, and see how they impact comment display and behavior. Information buttons next to each feature share research and information about some of the potential good and bad aspects to each piece of functionality.

Each time you add a feature by clicking a button, the URL changes, allowing you to create your own ideal comment section and then share it with others.

Try it out, click around, and tell us how you think the comments on your favorite site should be.

Go here to try the Comments Lab

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