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[IMAGE] The back of the cards from the game Cards Against Community. It is in coral pink, features an abstract version of the logo design in the background, and says the name of the game in the center.

Cards Against Community

We spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how online communities work. If we’re going to make meaningful tools, plenty more people need to do this too.

We want to expand the conversation and involve people from all backgrounds in our work. So we made a card game.

It’s free, open source, and you can download it here.


PDF of the Card Fronts
PDF of the Card Backs
PDF of the game instructions

Buy a copy

We’ve made two pre-made editions available to buy at production cost.

Cards Against Community – Deluxe Edition – $20.99
(includes five sand timers)
Cards Against Community – Normal Edition – $11.99
(identical game, excludes the timers)

How does it work?
It’s a game for 4-6 players, loosely based on Werewolf/Mafia. Each game takes about 20 minutes to play. Click here to download a PDF of the game instructions.

We’ve already taken it to conferences, events, parties. Please download or buy the cards, play the game among your friends and colleagues, and tell us how it goes!

Can I change the cards?
Yes! Change the rules, translate them into another language, add new cards! And why not code an online version? (We thought it might make a good bot on Slack, but don’t have the time to dedicate to it ourselves.)

Help us to make this better.

You can download editable Photoshop/GIMP and InDesign files here.

We used these fonts (all free):

Josefin Slab
Roboto Slab
Yanone Kaffeesatz

If you play a game, do anything cool with the cards, have any suggestions, let us know! You can email us at or tweet at us @coralproject.

Everything in Cards Against Community is open source and available on an MIT Open Source License to be used as you wish, with the exception of The Coral Project logo, which is a trademark of the Mozilla Foundation, and the Trollface design, which is © Carlos Ramirez and is used in this context with permission. If you wish to make a commercial version of the game, Carlos Ramirez requires that you remove his design.

The game was created by Andrew Losowsky with help from Casey Middaugh. It was designed by Angel Colberg, and has been playtested at various events including FOO Camp, the New York Times and SNDMakes.

Is it connected to Cards Against Humanity? I love that game.
We love that game too. And no, it’s not connected to or affiliated with Cards Against Humanity LLC. We just loved the name. Consider it a tribute.

Happy playing!

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