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Start Here

This section walks you through how to create successful communities that support your mission.

How To

This section helps you create an effective moderation team, choose your metrics, and build newsroom skills.

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Case Studies

This section includes examples, tools, and experiments you can try. Learn from those who've done it before.



This section features user research, academic studies, useful links, and discussion pieces on the value of community.

[IMAGE] Two people presenting as women are sat at a table with their hands resting on the table. They appear to be in conversation. The woman on the right has dark skin and glasses, the woman on the left has light skin. They are sat by a window, and are wearing casual clothing. The entire image has an orange tint. In the center are written the words "The Coral Project. Because journalism needs everyone."


This section explains who we are, what we do, and why we wrote these guides.

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